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Гэри Снайдер. Дикий гриб (песня) - глаза голубой собаки
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кто: bluedogseyes (posted by oracio)
дата: 22-09-2013 22:42
тема: Гэри Снайдер. Дикий гриб (песня)
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нитьbeat, gary snyder, прямая речь

The Wild Mushroom
by Gary Snyder

Well the sunset rays are shining
Me and Kai have got our tools
A basket and a trowel
And a book with all the rules

Don’t ever eat Boletus
If the tube-mouths they are red
Stay away from the Amanitas
Or brother you are dead

Sometimes they’re already rotten
Or the stalks are broken off
Where the deer have knocked them over
While turning up the duff

We set out in the forest
To seek the wild mushroom
In shapes diverse and colorful
Shining through the woodland gloom

If you look out under oak trees
Or around an old pine stump
You’ll know a mushroom’s coming
By the way the leaves are humped

They send out multiple fibers
Through the roots and sod
Some make you mighty sick they say
Or bring you close to God

So here’s to the mushroom family
A far-flung friendly clan
For food, for fun, for poison
They are a help to man.

-Gary Snyder

From Turtle Island, New Directions Publishing Corp, New York, 1969.
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